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The Wells Vertige is a modern mid-engined British sportscar, hand crafted in limited numbers at our factory in the heart of Warwickshire. Designed for pure driving pleasure and daily usability, the Vertige is beautiful, lightweight and compact.


Design & Engineering

Vertige delivers a pure, unfiltered driving experience thanks to a clean sheet design, attention to detail, and rigorous engineering.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige

Packaging and shape

Vertige follows the classic sports car format of all-round independent double wishbone suspension, with a mid-mounted, transversely located engine and gearbox driving through the rear wheels.

The elegant and compact body is sculpted beautifully and precisely, and provides generous seating for two adults.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige

Driving Position

Starting with a clean sheet of paper, our first priority when designing Vertige was a perfect driving position — with steering wheel and pedals straight ahead.  To this, we added superb all round visibility. And lastly, generous seat and steering wheel adjustment, with all controls perfectly placed for simplicity and convenience.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige


The Vertige is lightweight, strong and rigid — designed and built with a super-stiff structure in a modular layout, comprising a central tub with detachable subframes front and rear. Overall, this delivers class-leading torsional stiffness of 47,000Nm/deg.

Every component has been analysed for weight saving. With extensive use of aluminium, in particular for the engine, brake calipers and floor panels, the total dry weight of a Vertige is under 800kg.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige

Small is beautiful

The beautifully sculpted shape of the Vertige is designed with British roads in mind. At less than 4m long and only 1.75m wide, it is perfectly suited to tight country lanes or narrow urban avenues.

And, when the time comes to stop (or shop), parking is no concern: the dihedral doors may be spectacular but they're also practical — when fully open, each door only extends 40mm beyond the existing width of the car.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige

Hand built in the UK

Each Vertige is built to order at our factory in the heart of England. We are committed to reinvigorating British motor manufacturing — and we're proud to have a 100% British supply chain.

Comfort & Practicality

Carefully-considered design touches, luxurious materials and modern technology provides comfort and practicality for daily driving.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige

Calm and comfortable

Real comfort starts with a sense of calm. The interior of the Vertige is an intuitively-designed and uncluttered environment, providing only what is necessary — and no unwanted distractions.

All controls are within easy reach, and are grouped by function. The clear, legible instruments move with the steering column (adjusting for reach & rake), ensuring a perfect view of all necessary information at all times.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige

Finished with fine details

From the hand-stitched Scottish leather sports seats to the Alcantara dash, every Vertige is carefully and meticulously finished. The smooth wooden gearknob is carved from a single block of Rosewood, its shape mirroring the contours of a conductor's baton, nestling readily in the driver's palm.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige interior

Classic styling, modern technology

Vertige is fully equipped with the technology a modern driver expects. A 7" touchscreen display gives access to satellite navigation, digital radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  USB charge points and a phone storage tray are conveniently positioned in the centre console.

Double-skinned bulkheads with foam-filled sections, combined with Dynamat insulation, ensure that any unwanted noise is minimised - leaving you to enjoy the sounds & sensations of your chosen route.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige storage

Equipped for any adventure

One drawback of many sports cars is that they can lack the practicalities needed for longer drives. Vertige is designed to go further, with its 50-litre fuel tank (with twin fuel fillers, either side), and full-sized spare wheel.

A 200-litre boot in the rear can easily accommodate your luggage...or a day's shopping. And there's additional space up front, for essentials.

Driving & Performance

Individual components have been carefully selected to ensure a superb driving experience; responsive steering, compliant suspension, powerful brakes and an immediate throttle response.

Vertige Engine


At the heart of Vertige is a naturally-aspirated Duratec engine with all aluminium construction. Individual Jenvey throttle bodies with twin air filters and a bespoke ECU deliver up to 208bhp at 7,300rpm. A linear torque curve and 6-speed manual gearbox ensure immediate response at any speed.

Vertige Engine

Steering & Suspension

The unassisted rack & pinion steering wheel is perfectly located for excellent feel. With a class-leading turning circle of 10m, the steering is tight and responsive. Vertige features independent double wishbone suspension all round with manually adjustable toe and camber settings, front and rear.

Vertige lightweight wheels

Brakes & Wheels

Machined from solid billet aluminium, Vertige's brakes are lightweight and powerful, with 4-pot caliper, 280mm ventilated discs all round. The uniform 7.5x17” wheels are ultra lightweight, weighing only 8.9kg each.

Wells Motor Cars Vertige


Vertige is designed and engineered to meet or exceed all mandatory standards for a car of its class. A motorsport-inspired roll cage forms a permanent part of the chassis structure. The fuel tank is centrally located for optimum safety and balance. And detachable subframes front and rear provide a deliberate energy absorption path.

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