All Vertiges are purchased and collected directly from the factory, conveniently located in the heart of England.  Throughout the purchasing process we encourage prospective owners to visit us and choose their specification.  We are also happy for any owner to visit the factory to watch their car being built or add choose personal touches during the build.  Come and talk to us ... we will be happy to meet you.

Currently delivery time is running at 6-9 months from confirmed purchase order.

Servicing & Care

Vertige has been designed from the outset to be simple to maintain.  All components are easily accessible, meaning less time spent in the workshop, and more time spent enjoying your car.


Maintenance and Servicing

Parts are also easy to obtain and fit.  Exterior panels are lightweight composite – easy and cost effective to repair or replace – and all consumable items are readily available.

The car’s overall light weight also means it is easy on parts and consumables, ensuring low cost servicing and long service intervals throughout your ownership.


Factory Upgrades & Bespoke Commissions

Performance or comfort upgrades can be specified at point of purchase or retro-fitted at the factory at any time.

We are also happy to assist with other bespoke options.  Requests may range from special colours, stitching or personalised embossing, to matching umbrellas or luggage.  Tell us what you have in mind ...

Owner's Events

Wells Motor Cars Ownership Events

Owning a Vertige means joining a circle of like-minded individuals. The factory arranges tours, gatherings and special previews.