Our Story

Made in Warwickshire, England

Since the birth of the motor car, the ‘sports car’ has been a particularly British development. Many of the greatest names of motor racing have their origins in the UK, and particularly the towns and cities of the Midlands. Today, Wells Motor Cars is committed to reinvigorating Britain’s motor manufacturing heritage, from our base in the heart of England.

The Journey So Far

Wells Motor Cars evolved from the germ of an idea in 2014, imagining a lightweight, modern, sports car. Focusing on feel, sensation and pure pleasure. In many ways, the idea was the deliberate opposite of current trends, which saw cars becoming ever heavier, larger and more complicated, removing involvement and sensation with every additional kilo.

Wells Motor Cars

2014— The Vision

The vision was simple — to offer a car that delivered all-round enjoyment all year, providing a great driving experience for the enthusiast but also offering real practicality and enjoyable ownership for all kinds of customer. The car would be deliberately low-volume and under the radar, taking inspiration from the coach-built motor cars of the past, but without the expense. And so, Wells Motor Cars was born.

Wells Motor Cars

2016— Design

Design work commenced in 2016, led by a small team of experienced engineers and designers with wide-ranging backgrounds. Two years of intense CAD and development work followed. And the name Vertige was chosen — conveying lightness, dizziness and excitement.

Wells Motor Cars testing

2018— Prototyping & Testing

Between 2018 and 2019 a succession of three prototypes emerged, one after the other, each hand-assembled by the growing teams of engineers and craftsmen, and many thousands of miles of testing and development work followed, on track and road.

Wells Ownership Events

2021 — Production Launch

In 2021, a limited production run of ‘Founder’s Edition’ cars are being built to order, and are now available to reserve.